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Brighton’s hidden history

Only an hour away from London by train, Brighton is famous for its bohemian culture
Brighton's hidden history

Brighton’s hidden history

's hidden history

On a sunny day, Brighton has the very best a classic British summer can offer: ice cream on the pebble beach and a paddle in the sea, followed by fish and chips!

Only an hour away from London by train, Brighton is famous for its bohemian culture. It has attracted the rich and famous from London for centuries. Over the years, many artists have settled here, and it’s home to one of Britain’s largest LGBTQ communities, earning it the title ‘gay capital’ of the UK.

It’s also home to the famous DJ Fatboy Slim and record label Skint Records. That musical heritage continues in the city’s bustling bars and nightclubs. There are also loads of festivals and the occasional party on the beach.

Beyond the boutique hotels, great food and lively nightlife there’s a rich history to Brighton. Here are 5 gems to add to your itinerary if you’re planning a visit!

Brighton Royal Pavilion

1. The Royal Pavilion

Brighton's Royal Pavilion is an iconic piece of British architecture. Stumble on it by chance and you could forgive yourself for thinking you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in India!

The Pavilion was originally the seaside home of King George IV. He commissioned architect John Nash to convert it into an extravagant building with domes reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. It was due to King George’s patronage that Brighton transformed from a small fishing port to the fashionable city it remains to this day.

Today the Pavilion is home to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, and is a must-see.

Street Graffiti, Brighton

2. Piers & Queers

Brighton has a long history as the home to one of the UK’s biggest LGBTQ communities.

Piers & Queers is a fascinating guided tour that looks at the city’s history through an LGBTQ lens. Local guide Ric takes in more than 200 years of history in a 90-minute walk along the beach and through the city’s streets.

You’ll get to know both the famous figures and local characters who helped Brighton become one of the UK’s most progressive cities. From Oscar Wilde and Dusty Springfield to a female doctor who passed as a man decades before women could practice medicine!

Tours run throughout the summer and are suitable for all ages.

Preston Manor, Brighton

3. Preston Manor

A stately home with a fascinating history, Preston Manor is another of Brighton's brilliant museums. It dates back to the 12th century and has been open to the public since 1933.

It’s a wonderful insight into the life of a noble family and their servants around the time of the first world war. If you’re looking for a slice of Downton Abbey life, look no further!

The museum has beautiful gardens, regular exhibitions, and plenty for kids to do too. It’s only 30 minutes’ walk from the city centre and there are two cafes in the neighbouring Preston Park. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Brighton.

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