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A wonderful ecotourism destination beyond Angkor Wat

Cambodia Holidays

A wonderful ecotourism destination beyond Angkor Wat.

The temple complex of Angkor Wat, at some point world’s largest religious monument and also a huge ancient city, is the undisputed highlight of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is magnificent, but there is so much more to Cambodia. It’s a real shame to miss out. Combining Angkor Wat with southern Cambodia can easily keep you busy for 2 weeks or more.

To the south, the Cardamom Mountains boasts one of the last unbroken rainforests in Asia — a vestige of wild elephants and tigers, and a wonderful ecotourism destination. The Cardamom Mountain region is a true wilderness where wild elephants still roam and holiday makers can enjoy a wide range of trekking and jungle river tours from Chi Pat. You’ll also have the chance to experience local life in a Cambodian village.

As a holiday destination, Cambodia offers visitors some of the prettiest islands in mainland Southeast Asia. A day-trip from Siem Reap is to visit a traditional floating village on Tonle Sap Lake is also hugely popular.

When to visit Cambodia

The most popular time to visit Cambodia is during the dry season, November to April, particularly if you are visiting the southern coast. However, it is during the rainy seasons that Cambodia truly comes to life, with lush and green countryside, rivers teaming with life, and the Tonle Sap lake, home of the floating villages, at its best.

In addition, with less visitors also comes the chance of experiencing Cambodia’s temples at a time when they’ll often be found free of tourists. The Beng Mealea temple, the towering structure of the Koh Ker temple rising above the jungle, or the dramatic views from the 500-meter high cliff that houses the Preah Vihear temple are some of the best examples.