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Land of glaciers, active volcanoes, black-sand beaches, geothermal areas, roaring rivers, majestic waterfalls, and beautiful lakes

Iceland Holidays

Iceland is a country known for its natural wonders: glaciers, active volcanoes, black-sand beaches, geothermal areas, roaring rivers, majestic waterfalls, and beautiful lakes.

We have included some spectacular experiences to make your Iceland vacation special. In Thingvellir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, walk through the rift valley that marks the separation between two of the world’s major tectonic plates. In Geysir, experience the geothermal areas and taste freshly baked bread, cooked using the heat from the hot springs. Pair it with a glass of Geysir schnapps. Another unique and unforgettable experience Travelisto offers is a boat cruise to see whales in their natural habitat. Marvel at the Gullfoss waterfall; drive through the national park at Skaftafell; stop at Lake Jökulsárlón, where some of the most spectacular scenes of the James Bond movie Die Another Day were filmed. Join us to experience the exquisite natural beauty that will stay with you for years to come—a guided vacation in Iceland you’ll treasure forever.

Unmissable experiences

Be mesmerised by the frozen beauty of Iceland on this icy adventure. Discover the geological wonders of Iceland’s rift valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marvel at the famous hot springs in Geysir, and taste unique local delicacies. Visit the thundering waters of Iceland’s most iconic waterfall, Gullfoss, which translates to ‘Golden Falls’. You’ll also see the largest glacier in Europe at Lake Jökulsárlón, also known for its black sands. Take time to unwind in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, a must-do when in Iceland.

Top Selling trips to Iceland

Did you know we have visited Iceland many times? We have travelled across the main landmarks but also off the beaten track.

Iceland is the ideal destination for a tailormade package because there is so much to choose from! It does not cost extra to personalise your trip, so call us and ask. We have so many recommendations!

Call our UK or USA numbers to speak with a Iceland expert: +44208 126 1000 or +1212 688 6588

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