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The LUXE List

Where every detail matters. Every holiday our Luxury Travel Designers, our Travelistos, create is unique – designed to meet the exact specifications and preferences of the individual, couple, family or group whose holiday we’ve been entrusted to look after. It is the personal touch, attention to detail and insider, expert knowledge
that elevates a wonderful holiday to an exceptional escape.

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Cruises around the World

We partner with the best cruise liners like Virgin Voyages, Celebrity X, MSC, Oceana, Disney, Seabourn, Regent 7 Seas, Royal Caribbean, and many more to bring you itineraries in every part of the world.

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A Selection of the best Touring Journeys

Our Luxury Tailormade trip Brochure has over 250 itinerary ideas for multi-country trips around Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia, The Americas…

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Luxury Tailormade

Around the globe, we have curated our most selective destinations with luxury properties, memorable experiences and planned to perfection.

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Cuba Holidays

If you’re looking for a unique Caribbean experience, a holiday to Cuba is one of the most exciting possibilities. Havana is famous for its cigars, its music and its political leaders. Cuba is a nation of fantastic contradictions and there is no place quite like it in the rest of the Caribbean or even the world.

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Latin America

Abundant wildlife and nature of Costa Rica. Vibrant and colourful Colombia. Outdoor adventure in Chile. Gastronomy in Peru & lots more. Experience truly individual holidays to Latin America.

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A Guide to the Maldives

Travelisto has gathered all the information you need to make your Maldives dream come true. When to go, how to get there, details of all the islands and atolls, a comprehensive list of hotels. We are experts in the Indian Ocean, so you came to the right place.

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India & Sri Lanka

From traditional forts & palaces to wildlife-spotting & sandy beaches, explore the highlights of India and Sri Lanka. Exotic, intriguing and full of surprises, India and Sri Lanka offers excitement and adventure. You choose from luxury, boutique and essential holidays. All tailormade holidays to Sri Lanka are designed to suit you. There is no one size fits all.

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Journeys of a Lifetime

Our Journeys Brochure will offer inspiration for Tailor made itineraries to the most exotic destinations from the incredible Australia and New Zealand, to the African safaris, the Asian boutique experience in Cambodia or the Latin American adventures full with rhythm. All itineraries fully customisable.

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Dubai: your holiday, your way

Dubai fearlessly boasts a distinctive blend of rich cultural traditions, rugged golden deserts and futuristic architectural wonders; embracing imagination and innovation at every turn. Home to world-class shopping malls, lavish spas, family-friendly theme parks and adrenaline pumping experiences; Dubai prides itself on being a cut above the ordinary – so you know your holiday will be simply unforgettable.

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Ultra-Luxury Cruises & Expeditions

Cruising is not enough, adding remarkable experiences on land is also a must. The Ultra-Luxury Ocean and River cruises are taking the world by surprise offering more unique experiences. The Expeditions are also offering more quality and memorable experiences across this remote parts where only few venture to go.

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Florida: there’s so much more!

When you first think of Florida all the thrills and excitement of Orlando come to mind, but beyond the adrenaline fuelled fun there is so much more to discover. This is a destination with it all. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts to the sublimely beautiful islands of the Florida Keys.

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Australia & New Zealand

Such a vast continent deserves hundreds of different ideas and itineraries. We recommend here tons of suggested tours that can be done as a group or independently. We are top experts in this part of the world.

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Premium: Australia & New Zealand

Immersive experiences in smaller groups. Your journey will be expertly curated with no detail forgotten, ensuring your adventure is seamless, stress free and timed for perfection.

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Kenya: Safaris & Beach

From the vivid aquamarine shades of the Indian Ocean to the enchanting pink flamingo fringed lakes, Kenya is a startlingly beautiful land. It is also the safari capital of the world, offering an extensive array of national parks and reserves for you to have an unforgettable experience.

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