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About Us: The meaning of Travelisto

Why we exist as a company

We are on-the-go Travel Designers – digital nomads

curating journeys for our travellers from in-destination


That is how our expertise is always up to date

as experienced first-handedly by our nomadic Travel Designers


LISTO” means ‘ready’ and ‘smart’ in Spanish


That is the meaning of Travelisto:

always travel-ready, always travel-smart

A word from the founder

Travelling is in our DNA – during 99% of human history, we have been nomads. Travelling breaks through the imaginary barriers we often put up ourselves. However, organising the perfect trip is still a challenge because there are real logistical barriers to deal with and the wealth of information readily available is often not reliable.


I have travelled for over 20 years and currently I spend a lot of my time travelling while working full time as a Travel Designer. I draw my inspiration from the destinations we bring to you – Paris to New York, from Ho Chi Minh City to Rio de Janeiro. This keeps my knowledge fresh and up to date.


My team and I work full time around different time zones, overlapping and covering most of each day, which gives us flexibility to attend your enquiries around the clock with dedication; no call centers, no queues, you can even Whatsapp or text me directly – impossible to beat that personalised on-demand attention. My entire team at Travelisto and I believe and practice this ethos – that’s how we are truly different.


Founder, Travel Designer, Life Traveller, Part-Time Vegetarian and Coffee-holic. My favourite quote that I keep in mind when browsing the Internet these days:

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”


What you can expect

Get inspired and speak to a Travel Designer

No obligation consultation with a nomadic Travel Designers - phone or video call

Plan and refine your trip, fully tailor made

Chances are we will go over various iterations of your itinerary until it is perfected

Work on the details until the day you depart

We are flexible to add little details like a dinner or a day tour right until before you travel

Staying in touch while you're away and even after

You'll always have a contact number while travelling and we want to hear from you when you return

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Why you should choose us

You'll feel heard and understood

You will speak with the same person throughout on the phone, email, live chat, zoom... whichever you prefer

New Zealand holidays. Destination highlights and travel information

We're inspired and it is contagious

Chances are you'll speak with one of us while away - we're digital nomads: 'We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us'

You'll be our travel hero, not a tourist

Your journey will have an impact on the local communities, advocating for responsible travel and sustainability, inclusion and equality

Peace of mind: money protected and safety protocols

Your money is safe (ATOL/ABTA bonding) plus you'll get dedicated assistance 24H

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