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Rail Holidays and Train Journeys

10 Reasons to Travel by Train


Travelling by train is a unique experience. Be it for the thrill of high speed, the comfort, the scenery or the attractive fares, there are hundreds of reasons for choosing to travel by train in the UK, Europe and the world. Here are the 10 reasons most commonly quoted by our customers (backpackers, families, couples, older travellers, businessmen and women, and more).

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1. No hassle when you travel by train

Avoid the endless queues at crowded airports, or the stress of driving in a different country, with its own rules of the road and lots of traffic jams… If you travel by train, you’ll go from city centre to city centre, smoothly and efficiently. On top of which, all major European stations and trains provide information in English, as well as in the local language… So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

2. Go wherever you want on a train journey

Europe by rail means freedom. Choose the pass most suited to your needs from our range of passes, starting with single country passes to regional passes and even the Eurail Global Pass, which covers 33 countries. Tickets are also available for a large choice of routes.

Rail Holidays and Train Journeys no hassle
Rail Holidays and Train Journeys environmentally friendly

3. Save money in your rail fare

Whether you opt for a ticket or a pass, you can always benefit from attractive prices. Tickets can be very cheap when booked in advance, and passes not only offer various discounts (children, youth, senior, parties of two adults or more) but also come with a range of “bonuses” (free or discounted local transport, attractions and services).

4. Environmentally friendly train journeys

Planning some holiday travel? Think about making that trip a little greener by travelling by train. The well-established high-speed rail systems in use today are more environmentally friendly than air or road travel. When you travel by train, you’re making a responsible, environmentally friendly choice.

Our top recommended Rail Journeys

We LOVE trains! Our Travelisto team has travel extensively in Europe and North America on the major rail routes. We are a call away from giving you our expert tips and putting together the perfect itinerary for you.

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5. Easy daytrips by train

Board the train early in the morning, have a look around the city, stop for lunch, to some shopping and come back late afternoon. From Brussels, for example, it’s a piece of cake to go to London, Paris, Cologne or Amsterdam for the day. And there’s no luggage to carry or hotels to book.

6. Travel in style

Comfort is always welcome, whatever the length of the journey. Treat yourself and upgrade to First Class, you’ll have more room to stretch your legs, larger seats, and a higher level of service to make your trip memorable. Check the prices, you’ll be surprised to see how small the difference between First and Second Class can be.

Rail Holidays and Train Journeys in style
Rail Holidays and Train Journeys overnight train

7. Travel overnight on a comfortable night train

Optimise your time and budget by taking the night train: you’ll save on hotel costs, get a safe, comfortable night’s sleep, and wake up the next morning at your destination, refreshed and ready to explore.

8. Get off the beaten track

With 240,000 kilometres of track, rail reaches into virtually every corner of Europe or Canada, USA or beyond – through forests, fields, and mountains that just aren’t accessible by road.

9. Meet the people of the region

In Europe, the train is very popular. Everyone goes by train, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet local residents, learn more  about their country, and pick up tips on the best secret destinations.

10. Go whenever you want

With multiple train services every day on most routes, you have plenty of opportunities to make  the most of your trip. Stay longer in Venice and take a later train to Rome, or arrange a day trip to Mont Saint Michel from Paris… No need to adapt your schedule, the trains will adapt to yours.

Rail Holidays and Train Journeys meet locals off the beaten track

Plan your holiday and travel by train

Rail Holidays & Train Journeys

Environmentally friendly.

Go wherever you want.

Get off the beaten track.

Travel in style.