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Bohemian, hedonistic and colourful, Brighton is a city that has it all, from laid-back beach living to legendary nightlife on the UK’s biggest gay scene.
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Cute and quirky, Brighton may seem like a typical British seaside resort, but delve below the surface and you’ll discover vintage shopping, mouth-watering cuisine and epic nightlife that’s the envy of much larger cities.

Explore the Victorian history and modern-day delights of Brighton Palace Pier, get your shop on in the winding streets and boho boutiques of The Lanes, or experience a bird’s eye perspective of the coastline from 450ft above the ground, on British Airways i360.

Holidays in Brighton. The Pier
The iconic Brighton Pier and beach

Dig into freshly cooked fish and chips, party the night away at Concord 2, one of Britain’s best spots for live music, or get back to nature amongst the white cliffs and ancient woodlands of the South Downs National Park. From wildlife to wild nights, Brighton rocks!

Brighton at a glance

Top suggestions for first time visitors to Brighton.

Ferris Wheel on Brighton Beach
Ferris Wheel on Brighton Beach

Brighton is bursting with attractions: an outlandish Royal Palace, interesting museums, a beautiful beach, Brighton University, superb shopping and late-night pubs and clubs.

Stretching out into the sea is the iconic, neon-lit Brighton Pier. Expect amusements, rides and invigorating ocean views.

In the heart of the city, you’ll find an extravagant pleasure palace fit for a king. Brighton Pavilion was built for King George IV, who had architect John Nash reimagine it into the domed Indian style palace you can see today.

Brighton’s colourful network of shopping streets known as The Lanes are awash with vintage gear, antiques and quaint cafes.

Brighton is a great base for exploring the South Downs National Park, home to the dramatic Seven Sisters cliffs and some of southern England’s most charming villages.

Brighton is less than 1 hour from London by train

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