Ecuador holidays. Destination highlights and travel information


Discover some of the most beautiful islands of the Galápagos with expert expedition guides for the best opportunity to see the Galápagos Big 15

Ecuador for holidays

Ecuador may be a tiny country, but its geographical diversity is staggering and changes dramatically from its eastern to western borders. Its bio-diverse Amazon rainforest is alive with swooping scarlet macaws and spider monkeys bouncing off virgin canopy. Up in the culturally rich highland area, colourful Indian markets, smoking volcanoes and striking colonial towns are in abundance. The Andes then slip away to the lush coastal area. Far out in the Pacific Ocean lies the submerged volcanic peaks of the Galápagos Islands, a sanctuary for unique wildlife.

In Ecuador, the number of choices for holiday makers is astonishing. Go in search of blue-footed boobies, sea lions, giant tortoises and land iguanas plus a whole host of other incredible sea and bird life. Discover some of the most beautiful islands of the Galápagos with expert expedition guides throughout providing the best opportunity to see the ‘Galápagos Big 15’. The range of aquatic activities includes glass-bottom boat trips, kayaking, snorkelling and coastal explorations and the chance to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.

When to go

Ecuador can be visited year-round, and the weather in the highlands varies little, Jun-Sep (and Dec) being the driest months. The Amazon is always hot and humid (25°C) and rainfall frequent. Jan-May is hot and wet in the Galápagos (24-28°C) where you can expect short, sharp showers; temperatures cool to 18-20°C between Jun-Dec and strong winds during Aug- Sept can make the waters choppy (some boats may be in dry-dock).



VISAS: A visa is not required by UK citizens for stays of up to 3 months.

LANGUAGE: The official language is Spanish. English is spoken in large hotels. Quechua is spoken by many Andean communities.

CURRENCY: The US dollar.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: LATAM Group & Iberia fly via Madrid, American & United Airlines via the USA.

FLYING TIME FROM UK: Approx. 15 hours; plus an extra two hours to the Galápagos

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