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Made famous by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the university city boasts some of England’s finest medieval architecture, including one of its oldest cathedrals.


The centre point of any visit to Canterbury is the Cathedral. It dates back to 597AD when St Augustine became the first Archbishop establishing his seat in Canterbury. This stunning cathedral has been part of England’s great history, most notably the martyrdom of Archbishop Thomas Becket. The ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey include the remains of the monastery where St Augustine’s monks lived and worshipped. St Augustine first worshipped with his followers in St Martins Church, England’s oldest working Parish Church.

These three sites are recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors flock to the incredible Canterbury Cathedral, which houses the famous shrine of medieval archbishop Thomas Beckett. St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church are also spectacular historical sites, and together with the cathedral form a UNESCO heritage site. Don’t miss the award-winning Canterbury Tales attraction, where the sights, sounds and smells of Chaucer’s medieval England are recreated. Nearby Herne Bay and the surrounding countryside offer plenty of opportunities to explore Britain’s natural beauty.

Canterbury is home to Greyfriars Chapel, Britain’s oldest Franciscan building which spans the River Stour. See and explore the ruins of the Norman Castle and view the Westgate Towers which have stood over the road to London for six centuries. Eastbridge Hospital was founded following the murder of St Thomas Becket to provide accommodation for poor pilgrims visiting his tomb. The building includes the early 13th century painting of Christ in Glory.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of leisurely activities like river tours, walking tours, several world-class museums, shopping, and gardens

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