French Polynesia Travel Guide. Where to Go, Places to visit

French Polynesia Travel Guide

If you are wondering how to choose the island of French Polynesia where to go to spend your vacation, then know that there really is something for everyone
French Polynesia Travel Guide. Where to Go, Places to visit

French Polynesia Travel Guide

Thinking of French Polynesia immediately comes to mind crystalline waters, sunsets with amber shades, pristine atolls, and a nature capable of expressing itself in its best shapes and colours. You will see this and much more on a trip (perhaps a honeymoon) to the Polynesian earthly paradise.

Where to go in French Polynesia

There are 118 islands, for a total of almost 4,200 square kilometres of surface, spread over an area of 2.5 million square kilometres of sea, and are divided into five archipelagos, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean


The Island of Tahiti is the beating heart of French Polynesia and the starting point for your visit to these paradisiacal lands. The stunning gateway to the islands


Mo’orea boasts soaring peaks, verdant hillsides and aqua waters, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful isle in the Society Islands.

Bora Bora

The island of Bora Bora rises from the velvet blues of the deep water up through the softer hues of the lagoon and into the air that surrounds the island.


The island, purchased in the 1960s by Marlon Brando, is now home to a very luxurious eco-sustainable resort, The Brando, capable of preserving the virginity of this incredible place


This is the place where the first inhabitants of the archipelago settled, and where the Marae Taputapuatea was built, a sacred place where religious and social ceremonies were celebrated.


Huahine casts a spell over you from the moment you arrive. The enchanted Huahine, with its lush forests, untamed landscape and quaint villages, is one of Tahiti’s best-kept secrets


Life slows on the island of Taha’a in The Islands of Tahiti. This quiet island will sweep you away into the traditional, tranquil life of the Tahitians.


This island, accessible both by plane and by ship, favoures small tourist facilities managed by the locals, rather than the large hotel chains.

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