French Polynesia Holiday Ideas

French Polynesia Holidays Inspiration

Inspired travel ideas from destination experts
French Polynesia Holiday Ideas

French Polynesia Holidays Inspiration

French Polynesian Culture: Mana

Mana is a mythical and essential concept in Tahiti culture, a fundamental truth. It’s both tangible and intangible, expressive yet imperceptible, revealing but enigmatic, so natural but also mysterious and esoteric.

French Polynesian Culture: The Tradition of Polynesian Tattoos

The word tatau originated in The Islands of Tahiti, and the symbols have meaning and the meaning tells the story of each Tahitian’s personal history.

Tahiti. Useful Information

When to visit Tahiti, how to get there, where to stay, experiences available to all visitors and a bit of history of this fascinating South Pacific Island

French Polynesian Culture: Music and Dance

In the dance and rhythms, Tahitians give voice to their Mana, allowing it to rise from the sea, descend from the hills, and emanate from the soul of every Polynesian

Island Hopping. Popular itineraries

For such a remote and stunningly beautiful destination, visitors usually want to make the most of their time and experience as much as possible. Here’s some itinerary ideas

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