Halong Bay Video

Iconic Halong Bay in Video. Watch it here

The Iconic Halong Bay in Video. Watch it here
Halong Bay Video

Iconic Halong Bay in Video. Watch it here

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The Iconic Halong Bay in Video

Halong Bay needs little introduction. The limestone peaks raising from the waters and the colourful boats cruising the shimmering waters are immediately recognisable as one of the most iconic sights in Vietnam. A must-see World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, and northern Vietnam top tourist destinations

Sixteen hundred islands, thick with greenery,  form a maze of channels in the azure waters of Halong Bay, off north-eastern Vietnam.

For centuries, this spectacular seascape has inspired wonder.

Although people have lived in this area for thousands of years, most of the islands remain uninhabited. But these coves and natural towers are rich with wildlife.

The name “Halong” is Vietnamese for “descending dragon”. According to one legend, when the Viet people faced invasion, a dragon flew down from heaven to their defence. The creature sprayed not only fire, but also emeralds and jade jewels that became the green archipelago.

The rock formations are known as karts. For millions of years, seashells and sediments fell to an ancient seafloor, forming solid rock. Tectonic activity raised the resulting limestone above water. Later, rainfall and rivers carved valleys that flooded after the last ice age, creating this rare example of karts field at sea.

Features include caves and tunnels, were sea water has worn down the pillars. The fantastic landscape also continues into two adjacent national parks, on Cat Ba island and Bai Tu Long Bay.

You can go kayaking, caving, or even riding a sea plane to experience the majesty of these enchanting tropical islands

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