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South Africa Travel Guide

Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for you’ll find it in South Africa.

South Africa is a ‘world in one country’, from cosmopolitan Cape Town to the mountain peaks of KwaZulu-Natal, from the crashing surf of the Atlantic to the magic of the African bush, the sheer variety on offer is quite astounding and comes as a surprise to all who visit. This, together with an interesting and diverse cultural mix and delightful climate, means that whatever type of holiday you’re looking for you’ll find it in South Africa.

Where to go in South Africa

Some of our favourite, must see cities, towns, villages, and tourist attractions around South Africa


Many of our clients visit Joburg because of its history. Constitution Hill is more than just the location of the country’s constitutional court – it’s also a living museum.

Kruger National Park

Covering a vast expanse of land over seven thousand square miles, the Kruger National Park is the place to go in South Africa for a lifetime safari experience. A must see


Swaziland, renamed by their king in 2018 as “the Kingdom of eSwatini” meaning “land of the Swazis”, is land-locked kingdom tucked between South Africa and Mozambique.


The enigmatic culture of the Zulu tribe, the rugged, green expanses of land and rolling hills in contrast to urban Durban… everything about Zululand seems memorable and fascinating.


Durban is the third largest city in South Africa, a delightful coastal city with a distinctive Asian feel as it concentrates the largest population of Indian descent outside of India.

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is known as the “Watersports Capital of Africa” and “The Friendly City”. Famous for beautiful beaches, great watersports, game parks, warm climate and clean coastline.

Cape Town

Increasingly, Cape Town is the most popular destination for visitors to South Africa. Cape Town is at the centre of the nation’s rich, multi-stranded history and heritage.

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