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Travel Safety (COVID-19)

Your Travel Designers gets notified with every official travel update

Travel Safety (COVID-19)

We receive the latest travel updates from governments, health organisations, airlines and hotels


Last updated 16-Jun-2024



Travelling in the safe hands of your Travel Designer

Without a feeling of safety, travelling becomes a concern. The world is changing quickly and relying in a safe pair of hands while planning your trip is more important than ever before. We are following the most reliable and official sources to bring you updates on the situation. You will find a series of links here that will provide you with the latest recommendations:

As the situation evolves quickly, we constantly refer to these government instructions. However, the considerations for your specific plans need to be assessed on individual basis, so please ask your GP or doctor.


We guarantee flexibility with your booking

Our changing and cancellation policy is as flexible as possible, free in most cases. Most of our suppliers such as airlines, cruises and hotels have provided clear instructions. When booking, we will inform you of the specific terms for changes or cancellations that will apply.

Additional information regarding consumer rights and refunds can be found on the following page:

In regards to Travel Insurance, FCO recommends reading the following FAQ section which is specifically for the implications of the outbreak in your own Travel Insurance policy:

For any queries, we are here to assist and keep you informed. A kind reminder of our Booking Conditions.

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