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The Value of a Travel Agent in 2020

Some travelers believe by using a travel agent, the cost of their trip increases. This is not necessarily true. In fact, agents save you money.

The Value of a Travel Agent in 2020

Travel agents are significant people. Why? Because they organize vacations. Vacations are significant. Vacations give humans a break away from the pandemonium, hustle, and bustle of real life. If you’re planning a vacation, consider the value of a travel agent and let a professional take care of the details for you. After all, travel is their specialty and their passion. Travel agents are likely seasoned travelers and know all the best finds. They have connections you can’t get booking online.

Before the internet, we stepped into a travel agent’s office and had a face-to-face chat. If not in person, then we called and went over the details. Since the spread of the internet, it’s easy to compare prices for flights and hotels. Because of this, travelers stop calling on their agents, thinking they would save money. But is it cheaper to book flights online or with a travel agent?

Although we can compare prices of several airlines and hotels on the web almost immediately, it still lacks the travel experiences agents bring to the table. Travel agents give you the information you just can’t get from automated sites. Real people provide knowledge about a destination a chatbox can’t such as, what’s it like to sit down and talk to the locals.

Even so, some travelers believe by using a travel agent, the cost of their trip increases. This is not necessarily true. In fact, agents save you money.

What does a travel agent do? They organize the entire trip from your departure from home down to the arrival of your vacation destination. You don’t have to think about booking a hotel, transportation, or making reservations for dinner or deciding on tours and exciting activities. This kind of planning takes the stress off you so you can take care of other important details. Now, that won’t cost you extra because there is no additional fees that the travel company will charge, but there are more reasons to use a travel agent.


Agents Remove Stress

How many times have you taken a flight, and the airline has lost your baggage? I’m certain a few times if you travel a lot and you know it can be a drag tracking it down. If you have a travel agent, they can handle this situation for you. This is one benefit of having a travel agent vs online booking flights.


Travel Agents are Human

Nothing is more discouraging than to have a question a chat-bot can’t answer or having to email someone for an answer to your question. Travel advisors are available to satisfy your curiosity or to make any modifications you may require. They strive to make your vacation a memorable event. Many of the advisors can offer complimentary gifts and other enticing incentives for doing business with them. They are with you from the beginning til the end.


Travel Advisors are Not Biased

They base most online reviews on consumer satisfaction. If the purchaser had a positive experience, they report it. On the other hand, a disgruntled customer will offer only one side of the story and report a poor review. You can trust your agent to speak from experience and not from emotions.


Travel is Not What it Used to Be

Many of the customs have changed from what they were 20 months ago let alone 20 years ago. Travel agents know this.

But not only that, but times dictate extra precautions when travelling these days.

Your advisor is familiar with the destinations and even warn you of wearing certain clothing, local customs or behaviors that are forbidden. A comparison of destinations will not provide you with this kind of necessary information. This is another one of the top reasons to use a travel agent.

On the lighter side of things, there are new cruise ships, better planes, new resorts, and the options keep growing. More families are traveling together as groups to save money. With this in mind, if you thought planning a trip for one was unsettling, try planning for a group of people with different likes and dislikes, not to mention their ages.

There are a few resorts that are for adults only. Of those who allow children may not have amenities for them. Does someone in your group require special accommodations? Your travel advisor will plan accordingly. Pleasing everyone from 8 to 80 is a challenging job. It’s one a travel agent can manage with efficiency.


Travel Agents Know What’s Trending

If you were planning on flying to New York but failed to realize your dates were in line with Fashion Week, your agent could tell you this. They know what’s exciting and can suggest tour packages and exclusive events that you may not be aware of. Some of these events don’t make the headlines but are still worth a mention.


Your Personal Travel Assistant: Your Travel-PA

If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll will become a VIP and your Travel Designer will remember all your preferences for future bookings. They will be able to organize a trip with you and your likes and needs in mind before you even ask. A good agent will make dinner reservations at your favorite 5-star restaurant and suggest once-in-a-lifetime concert tickets.

Besides personalizing the fun stuff, they will take care of applications for visas and passports. They will check off the travel itinerary all the things you need to make this a seamless trip. They specialize in booking the complete package.

The internet will not cater to you as a travel agent will. Your agent will also be your point of contact when the unexpected happens.


Using a Travel Agent vs Booking Online

When you book your trip online, they require you to pay upfront while you may set up a payment plan with your agent. The more you book in advance, the more you save. That rule hasn’t changed. Why use a travel agent instead of booking online? There are so many reasons to use a travel agent. What are the disadvantages of using a travel agent? I can’t think of any. I hope you can see the value of a travel agent and decide to use one. It may be the best decision you make all year.


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