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New Style Travel Company Travelisto Opens Its Doors During Coronavirus Crisis

PRESS RELEASE: A brand new take on the travel experience launches this week to help travellers enjoy tailor made journeys, curated by a remote team of travel designers.

A brand new take on the travel experience launches this week to help travellers enjoy tailor made journeys, curated by a remote team of travel designers.


Travelisto’s unique spin on what it means to be a traditional travel agent means its destination experts work on-the-go while discovering the world. Those looking for some holiday inspiration will find Travelisto’s travel designers are enthusiastic influencers and real travel experts, able to balance work with the ability to explore new locations and indulge their own passion for travel. This means they have a finger firmly on the pulse of emerging new destinations, exclusive experiences and off-the-beaten track itineraries, across the four corners of the globe.


The inspirational new site makes the very best of its remote working policy, with carefully created itineraries and an eclectic mix of destinations and trip types spanning everything from eco-travel and train tours to cruises and independent tours.


Travelisto’s destination list is utterly covetable and entirely inspirational with highlights including bucket-list worthy explorations of Vietnam, Jordan, French Polynesia, the American West, South Africa and South America. Site visitors can browse stunning imagery and insider tips on what to see at each destination before speaking to a Travelisto expert to design their dream getaway.


The launch of the bespoke agency comes as many countries close their boarders and flights across the world are grounded in response to the coronavirus epidemic. The Travelisto founder has worked in the UK travel industry for 15 years and has spent his career growing start-ups and small business to multi-million-pound organisations. He decided to put all of his expertise towards his own new venture,, just before the global epidemic forced the travel industry to a juddering halt, but isn’t deterred by the current circumstances.


He said, “Travelisto is not like other travel agencies. We are on-the-go travel designers – our flexible remote working policy enables us to travel a lot of our time from the actual destinations we promote. Our expertise is always up to date and we are a happy bunch of ‘travelling’ Travel Designers. Launching during the coronavirus is a risk and something that we couldn’t have foreseen. As a new business, we aren’t eligible for government support but, that won’t stop us. It may be brave to launch a travel business at this time, but that won’t stop us.”


“Travelling is in our DNA – during 99% of human history, we have been nomads. Travelling breaks down barriers and allows us to get know ourselves a little better every time we venture somewhere new. A crisis like we are living now highlights how unnatural it feels to be banned from travelling and socialising with others. For many of us, it has left us longing for the excitement we only enjoy when travelling. We’re looking forward to bringing that excitement back when restrictions are lifted.”


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About Travelisto

Launched in 2020, is a new style of travel business for those wishing to explore the world. The ATOL-licensed travel company offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide unrivalled experiences, all delivered by a team of highly engaged travel designers who enjoy a great work-life balance thanks to the firm’s flexible remote working policy which allows them to travel and get to know new locations while helping customers plan their own trips of a lifetime.