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Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is simply irresistible.

Rainforests and beaches, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, wondrous ancient cities, hundreds of temples and spiritual sites, some of the best safari adventures in Asia, and everything within easy access. Few countries pack as much as Sri Lanka in a relatively small area.

Where to go in Sri Lanka

Wherever you turn, you’ll find timeless ruins and sacred sites, natural wonders and oodles of elephants, lovely train rides, friendly people and amazing food. Sri Lanka is simply irresistible.


Colombo lacks what we’ve come to know as “must see landmarks”, so the charm of the city is found in the markets, temples and gardens exploring the city north to south, from Fort to Pettah.


Sri Lanka’s most dramatic landscape, visitors are awestruck by the imposing presence of Sigiriya’s Lion Mountain rising from the central plains.


Very close to Sigiriya and perfect for a day trip, the renown cave temple of Dambulla is no of Sri Lanka’s most iconic sites. This World Heritage Site comprises of a cave monastery and five sanctuaries.

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