Holidays in Spain. Destination guides, travel advice, tailor-made itineraries

Spain Travel Guide

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Holidays in Spain. Destination guides, travel advice, tailor-made itineraries

Spain Travel Guide


The Spaniards are divided between those who love Madrid and those who prefer Barcelona: at Travelisto we love them both! And we have got our reasons to say that.

Madrid is one of the most fascinating European capitals: a metropolis that never sleeps, it has a noble face, with elegant boulevards and prestigious museums, and a popular soul that is found in the neighbourhood tapas bars, markets and traditional festivals.

Barcelona is the city of vitality and creativity, summarized in the colourful and bizarre modernist works of the architect Antonio Gaudì. Famous for its nightlife and its legendary chiringuitos on the beach, it is a complex city with a thousand facets.

Valencia is an extraordinary city.

Bilbao is the favourite destination for lovers of contemporary art.

Pamplona attracts the most reckless tourists who want to join the adrenaline rush of the bulls. The most romantic Spain is lived in historic cities such as Salamanca, Toledo and Murcia while magical atmospheres of a thousand and one nights are breathed in the cities of Andalusia, among which the three pearls of Seville, Granada and Cordoba stand out .

Balearic Islands Thanks to their happy position in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, the Balearic islands are easy to reach and offer a balanced mix of tourist services, cultural attractions and scenic beauties that make them suitable for any type of holiday, for young people, couples, families and groups of friends. Mallorca is the largest and most famous, suitable for those who want some diversion to idle days on the beach, Menorca is a green paradise, Ibiza is the island of nightlife par excellence (but also offers unexpected corners of peace and relaxation) and Formentera is the most remote, accessible only by boat.

Canary Islands Summer all year round (spring when it’s cold), fast connections with continental Europe, kilometres of beaches, excellent tourist services and enchanting natural landscapes make the Canary Islands the preferred destination for those who want to break the winter with a beach holiday . They are ideal both for a relaxing holiday, perhaps adding some yoga sessions to the afternoons on the beach, and for those who love active holidays: surfing, diving, and trekking are very popular activities in all the islands.

Tenerife is the largest and most visited, Fuerteventura has almost the same size but less than half the population: the first is recommended for those who want a comfortable holiday or looking for nightlife and entertainment, the second for those who want to escape from the crowd.

Lanzarote and Gran Canaria will enchant you with their volcanic and desert landscapes, La Palma is the island of trekkers and bikers, while the two smaller ones, La Gomera and El Hierro , are gems still unexplored by mass tourism.

Where to go in Spain

A shortlist of our favourite holiday destinations in the Iberian Peninsula


Political and financial centre of Spain, Madrid is a city rich in history, culture, and art, as well as one of the most tolerant and fun European cities.

Top 5 reasons to visit Barcelona

You haven’t seen Spain until you’ve seen the “City of Counts” or Ciudad Condal. We’re counting down our picks for the top five reasons to visit Barcelona. This list we’re taking a look at the numerous activities and landmarks this Catalan city has to offer

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