Holidays in Greece. Greece Destination Guide, Mykonos


Mykonos never disappoints tourists: neither those attracted by its legendary nightlife nor those seeking romance.
Holidays in Greece. Greece Destination Guide, Mykonos



Although exaggerated in follies and prices, Mykonos never disappoints tourists: neither those attracted by its legendary nightlife nor those seeking romance.

Mykonos is exactly like you can imagine: a beautiful island where you can live crazy and transgressive nights. His beach parties, which last uninterrupted from the afternoon until the morning of the following day, are nothing short of legendary. But Mykonos is not an island for penniless young people looking for the cheapest drink. From a hippy enclave in the seventies, Mykonos has been completely transformed by tourism and has become a chic destination, with many design hotels and exclusive villas with swimming pools that are invariably reviewed by architecture magazines.

Holidays in Greece. Greece Destination Guide, Mykonos

Loved by party-people from all over Europe, VIPs, gays and hipsters, the Greek Ibiza is now fashionable and transgressive, now elegant, and snobbish. But what mass tourism has not changed is the beauty of its landscapes, which often overshadow the island’s amusements and extravagances, but which will remain in your heart. Mykonos is an island where you can still get excited for a sunset, a walk through the narrow streets of the capital, the view of the boats entering and leaving the port or of a pelican wandering the streets of the seafront as an expert connoisseur of the city.

What To See In Mykonos

Spend at least half a day in the capital Mykonos Town, splendid with its narrow streets, white houses with blue balconies, small shops, and taverns. The main cultural attractions of the city are the orthodox church Panagia Paraportiani , a typical white church of the Greek islands, simple but very suggestive, and the Panigirakis Castle , a historic building on the cliff which is now home to a luxurious hotel (perfect for a classy aperitif! ). The best area for shopping is the sinuous Matoyianni Street, where typical souvenir shops compete for space with high fashion boutiques that recall the chic streets of Milan and Rome. At sunset, move to Little Venice, a characteristic neighbourhood on the sea full of bars and restaurants with outdoor tables. A boat tour around Mykonos or Delos is highly recommended.

What To Do In Mykonos

During your holiday in Mykonos do not miss a boat tour: it will be an unforgettable experience!
There is something for all tastes: day trips to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, sunset excursions with an aperitif, island hopping with stops in the nearby islands … You can also take advantage to try some unusual activities and maybe attend a scuba diving course, Greek cuisine and even participate in yoga classes! Yes, even the most fashionable of the Greek islands can be suitable for relaxation and meditation.

Excursion to Delos

One of the most popular excursions in Mykonos is a visit to the archaeological site of Delos , which is located on the island of the same name which can be reached by boat in just 30 minutes. The island of Delos , now uninhabited, is the place where according to mythology Apollo god of the sun and the arts was born, and his sister Artemis, goddess of the moon; here the Sanctuary of Apollo was erected. During the long journey inside the archaeological site you can admire ruins from different eras, houses, numerous temples, and an important Archaeological Museum. Delos can be visited independently by purchasing only the ferry ticket, but it is advisable to participate in an organized tour with a guide who will tell you the fascinating history of this mythical island, one of the most famous of ancient Greece.

Other places and attractions to visit

One of the most photographed attractions of Mykonos are the windmills, which have now become an integral part of the landscape of the island. Almost all of them are in Chora, the ancient part of the city of Mykonos, but there are some scattered around the island, including some that can be visited. Snubbed by many tourists interested more in night parties, the Armenistis lighthouse is a truly suggestive place. Still functional, the lighthouse can be reached along a beautiful coastal road and once you arrive you can enjoy a fantastic view of the port of Mykonos and the nearby island of Tilos. If you want to get away from the crowded tourist routes, take a trip to the hinterland of Ano Meria , the second largest town in Mykonos: it is perfect for taking a break from the chaos of the capital, eating by spending half and while you’re there you can visit the oldest church island.

Entertainment and nightlife

You have probably heard that Mykonos never sleeps but if you take a tour of the most popular beaches of the island in the early afternoon you will see crowds of young people dozing on the beds to recover their strength from the previous night, in view of another night of follies and transgression.

Mykonos’s reputation as a mecca for summer nightlife began many years ago and its success continues. Every year young people from all over Europe flock to Mykonos in the summer months attracted by the large number of clubs, pubs, discos, beach parties, aperitifs with DJ sets. Crazy, trendy, transgressive, and excessive (even in the prices!), The nightlife of Mykonos can be a paradise or hell, depending on your taste.

Mykonos is also famous as a gay holiday destination. In addition to gay-friendly hotels and beaches, including some for naturists, homosexual couples can find on this island a large number of places where you can have fun in the company of other people without prejudice … and often without inhibitions! If you prefer quieter evenings to unbridled nightlife, you can have a drink in the premises of the promenade of Mykonos Town.

The best discos and beach bars in Mykonos

Impossible to make a list of the nightclubs of Mykonos, they are really a lot! If you have limited time and want to aim at the top, the disco not to be missed in Mykonos is Cavo Paradiso, a true institution of nightlife in the Greek islands. Inserted in a spectacular natural setting, the trendiest club in Mykonos has an area of ​​over 3000 square meters that every night are populated by young people looking for unbridled fun, to the sound of the music of the most important international DJs. The entrance fee is expensive, from 30 euros upwards, but if you consider the size of the disco it costs you only 0.01 euros per square meter! To start the evening, however, there is no better situation than the Tropicana, the beach bar that organizes the most famous sunset parties in Mykonos. Both Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana are in Paradise Beach.

The view of the Cavo crowd is not something you can easily forget
The view of the Cavo crowd is not something you can easily forget

Mykonos beaches

Elia Beach in the south of the island Mykonos has 81 kilometres of coastline and its coastline is jagged with deep inlets such as, for example, the bays of Ftelia and Korfos, and by large bays like Agios Ioannis. Along the northern coast the landscape is rocky and irregular, while in the southern part the beaches are sandy: Tourlos, Panormos, Ornos and Fokos attract many visitors.
The symbolic beaches of Mykonos are Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach , which, although inserted in a particularly suggestive natural scenery, are famous for the clubs and parties that take place at all hours of the day and night, 7 days a week. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are located along the southwest coast of Mykonos, about 6 km from the main town. They are easily accessible by bus, with a private shuttle bus and taxi; from some places like Ormos and Platis Gialos there is a taxi boat service.

Holidays in Greece. Greece Destination Guide, Mykonos

Other must-see beaches in Mykonos are:

  • Psarou , an elegant white sand beach, loved by celebrities
  • Agios Ioannis (Shirley Valentine), the most famous beach on the west coast, divided into a sandy and rocky area. It is also suitable for families.
  • Ornos , one of the busiest on the island, perfect for those who want comfort and services
    Agios Sostis , remote and wild
  • Houlakia , very windy and therefore generally uncrowded. Recommended for those who love nature.
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