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Cyclades islands

The Acropolis with the Parthenon would be enough to make Athens a destination to visit at least once in a lifetime

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Cyclades islands

The Cyclades islands are postcard Greece, or Greece as we imagine it: a land kissed by a generous sun and a sea with splendid shades of blue and blue, white houses with blue balconies and a solitary church at the top to a hill. In fact, however, each island is a world of its own: Santorini is the glamorous destination par excellence, Mykonos the most transgressive, Milos the most loved by those who want to avoid the most touristy islands, Ios a mix of tradition and night fun, and then Paros , Naxos , Anafi , Amorgos and others still to be discovered!

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Best of the Cyclades islands


Mykonos never disappoints tourists: neither those attracted by its legendary nightlife nor those seeking romance. Loved by party-people from all over Europe, VIPs, gays and hipsters, the Greek Ibiza is now fashionable and transgressive, elegant, and snobbish.


Santorini is Greece as we imagine and dream it, Greece as a postcard, the tourist jewel of the country.

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