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About Travelisto: A Philosophy of Travel

We are on-the-go Travel Designers – our flexible remote working policy enables us to travel a lot of our time from the actual destinations we promote. Our expertise is always up to date and we are a happy bunch of ‘travelling’ Travel Designers. That is the meaning of Travelisto.

Why you should choose us

You'll feel heard and understood

We believe that when you are planning your perfect vacation, our focus must be “opening a relationship with you, not closing a sale”. You are people, not customers. We want to be part of your travel stories. We'll give impartial and independent advice on your trip, as we access a global network of suppliers to offer the right option for you.

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We're inspired and it is contagious

Chances are you'll speak with a Travel Designer who is currently traveling themselves! Our Travel Designers are encouraged to work remotely while visiting new places, such flexibility gives us an edge when it comes to expertise and been up to date. You will feel inspired too when you speak with us.

Not just travel, become our travel hero

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. We believe travelling opens our minds and changes our perceptions of the world and even ourselves. We are different because we don't simply sell a holiday, we promote sustainable travel and helping local communities: you'll feel like a hero!

Peace of mind: financial protection and safety

We'll save you time and money from the moment you plan your trip. Our trips are financially protected by ATOL and ABTA bonding for your peace of mind. Plus, you have our assistance and our local partners' when the unexpected happens you feel safe all along the journey.

What you can expect

Get inspired and speak to a Travel Designer

You will find many suggested itineraries and ideas on our website and in our brochures. These will spark your imagination. Then speak with a Travel Designer who is a specialist in that part of the world in order to get first-hand advice. May be one of our on-the-go Travel Designers is actually travelling over there right now!

Plan and refine your trip, fully tailor made

Chances are we will go over various iterations of your itinerary and it is perfected. We have many reliable partners around the world and we regularly stay in the accommodations we offer or go on the excursions we include.

Work on the details until the day you depart

After you've booked, we are just a call away for any questions no matter how far ahead or how last minute before you travel. We'll go through your itinerary and we can always add restaurant recommendations even while you're relaxing at the airline lounge prior to boarding your flight.

Staying in touch while you're away and even after

You'll always have a contact number from our capable partners overseas. Should you need anything while travelling, we'll informed by our partners and we can be part of the conversation. We will also get your feedback after your return - we would also love to see your photos.

Why we exist as a company

A word from the founder

Travelling is in our DNA – during 99% of human history, we have been nomads. Travelling breaks through the imaginary barriers we often put up ourselves. However, organising the perfect trip is still a challenge because there are real logistical barriers to deal with and the wealth of information readily available is often not reliable. I have travelled for over 20 years and currently I spend a lot of my time travelling while working full time as a Travel Designer. I draw my inspiration from the destinations we bring to you – Paris to New York, from Ho Chi Minh City to Rio de Janeiro. This keeps my knowledge fresh and up to date. My team and I work full time around different time zones, overlapping and covering most of each day, which gives us flexibility to attend your enquiries around the clock with dedication; no call centers, no queues, you can even Whatsapp or text me directly – impossible to beat that personalised on-demand attention. My entire team at Travelisto and I believe and practice this ethos – that’s how we are truly different.


Abraham Bravo

Founder, Travel Designer, Life Traveller, Part-Time Vegetarian and Coffee-holic

My favourite quote: Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. ALBERT EINSTEIN

Our values

Always in the know: we visit each destination more often than any
other travel company

We believe that to offer great customer service, our Travel Designers must have a great life-work balance and spend as much of their time on the destinations we promote. Most mainstream travel agents may only travel on one familiarisation trip per year, one week if lucky. Our Travel Designers are often travelling themselves while working while testing the hotels and activities we sell, which gives the first-hand knowledge in new destinations or constantly refresh their knowledge. We will even tell you where we had dinner, or how to beat the crowds, because we have been there recently - we may even there right now!

We look after you so you can keep stress free - we
work our hours around you!

Travelisto. About us

In the time of information overload, we take away the stress of planning the perfect trip. We offer five-star service to each of our customers, building rapport and ensuring that no two trips are the same. We’re passionate about detail and service. Also, the reassurance that your money is safe by our financial protection fund. Before, during and after, you can reach your personal Travel Designers in whatever way is easiest for you: phone, Whatsapp, text, email, video-conference, screen-sharing to show you photos or explain your travel documents, plus we will arrange for a visit to our co-working offices in London or New York, your home or anywhere! That is really putting you first and looking after you - around the clock!

A genuine caring family of happy travel experts with charming personalities

About Travelisto. Inclusive, friendly work environment

We support and provide an environment in which our employees can flourish. If our work-life balance is great, we will give you consistently amazing service. If we are excited in our jobs everyday, you will feel it and our spirit will be contagious. We celebrate when things have gone right and if things don’t go quite to plan, we all rally around each other - we also have an incredible network of operational support in head office as well as local overseas partners that will assist with you priority. We are inclusive, open-minded, and share a passion for cultural difference. Our values as people are at the core of our work ethics - we actively donate to charities who offset our carbon footprint, help local communities and we sponsor 'volun-turism' (volunteer work in needed communities while travelling) for more ethical and positive impact of travelling. We are principled people with high ethics and a mission!

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